Fiona Skinner Learn to Swim by the Geelong Swimming Club is proud to offer high quality swimming lessons with the regions finest accredited swimming teachers, many of whom have been past competitive swimmers themselves.

Based at the Christian College Geelong Sports and Aquatic Centre, our best in class facility operates to provide students of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn to swim – and swim well.

Fiona Skinner Learn to Swim promotes water safety, correct stroke implementation and provides various pathways into the 50 or so aquatic activities available in our region, including competitive pool and open water swimming.

The team at Fiona Skinner Learn to Swim are thrilled to recommence LTS lessons from Monday 26 October.  Time to reenrol, dust off the cobwebs and practice those swim and survive skills before the summer season.

We are thrilled to announce that with the easing of restrictions, 1 parent/carer per student are now permitted to accompany their swimmer on pool deck.

The program will also be increased to accommodate 50 swimmers per session from 23 November 2020. This increase may potentially extend the opportunity to offer Sunday lessons. Please note the swim school will operate to comply with Government and Christian College Geelong guidelines.

To ensure the health and safety of all, there is a 10-minute period to sanitise between lessons and minimise student/parent cross over.  It is essential that you observe social distancing rules, remain seated during lessons and a mask must be worn by all adults.
To assist with the smooth entry and exit of swimmers, families may enter the building 5 minutes prior to their lesson and must leave within 5 minutes of the completion of their lesson.


  • Parents/Swimmers are asked to stay in their car and only arrive 5 mins prior to their lesson starting
  • Please park as normal in the Thornhill Rd car park arriving 10 minutes prior to your lesson.
  • You are required to enter the pool building via the downstairs foyer, sanitise at the sanitising station, proceed upstairs to the foyer where you will wait for your lesson.  A staff member will greet you when time to enter the pool hall.
  • Students will be marked off a lesson sheet at pool entry that will be provided to DHHS if necessary


  • Parents/Swimmers are asked to quickly change within 5min at the end of their lesson
  • Please exit the pool hall via the door marked EXIT ONLY, proceed through the upstairs foyer and exit upstairs.

Please note:

  • No food or drinks are allowed on deck
  • Parents can drop off swimmers over the age of 10, anyone child under 10, the parent must be present for the lesson. Those parents dropping swimmers off must be back 5mins prior to their child’s lesson ending to ensure the child is out of the centre for before the next class and to abide COVID protocol
  • Should your child need to use the bathroom the upstairs toilet will be available.
  • Toilets are open for use but there are no change/shower facilities available.
  • Swimmers must arrive in their bathers with cap and goggles ready to swim and are required to leave in their bathers.
  • Children will need to wear something warm and easy to undress and redress in. I recommend a deck coat or dressing gown with easy kick on/off footwear.

To reenrol please contact the team at [email protected] Please include your child’s name, level/ability, your preferred day and we will contact you at earliest with availability.